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Free Spirit


free spirit


noun: free spirit; plural noun: free spirits

  1. an independent or uninhibited person

synonyms: individualists, individual, nonconformist, eccentric, bohemian.

 As young child, I remember being that free spirit... like most children. But then I sort of tamed it, or it was tamed for me.  Somehow, being myself (free and light hearted) wasn’t what was expected of me.

I was second guessing myself about the small things. What I should be wearing opposed to what I wanted to wear. I couldn’t say what I thought, and I couldn’t voice my true opinion because, “WHAT WOULD PEOPLE THINK”??

 You get my vibe?

Expressing your free spirit as a small child is ok. As you move through life you get shut down more and more, and you don't feel its ok to be you.

You learn you need to work hard and control everything in order to get what you want out of life.

You look at other people for the answers, except yourself.  You start to measure yourself against others, and start to.. ready for it… “CONFORM”.

Then around the age of 30, you’re in that ‘good job’ and settled for what you think you can get.  Society has done its job. You start to pretend that “things” you don’t care for are important.

As time goes by, you start to feel like you're suffocating… like something is missing.

You don’t care for the shiny things or the big things. All you care for is that your children can truly feel they can be themselves. They can wear what they want to wear, dance how they want to dance, and just be kind.

This lead me to my WAKE-UP CALL.

By allowing my self-expression to be authentic, I felt my life was being fulfilled and I experienced success. When I realised this, something magical happened. Being able to express myself as a free-spirit again meant I could let go of taking control. My energy was used for the things I wanted to do...the things I loved. Not wasted on trying to be what others expected I should be.

The universe then had my back. From people, to things, to ideas, and even money, as long as I listened to my heart.

Success now looks very different to me than to others.

I have the courage to follow my passion, and I know my life will become what it was always meant to be! A MAGIC CARPET RIDE. Everything will turn up when it needs to.

I mean, I am NO EXPERT at this stuff, just expressing what I feel.

So, the reason I write this… IT’s TIME!

Allow the universe to support you. Be that explorer and do that adventure. Open your mind, have the courage to live the life you wanted to live as a child!! Money or no money, there is always a way to start. Unleash it to the UNIVERSE. No matter what age you are, there is still TIME.

Manifest what you want, and the magic that is the UNIVERSE will prevail.

Be yourself.

Uncover that Free Spirit.









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