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Moroccan Rug
beni guild moroccan rug
moroccan Rug

"Amira" Beni Mguild Moroccan Rug

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"Amira" - Princess in Moroccan. Moroccan Rug.

This gem was found climbing a mountain so naturally "Moroccan Bungalows Favourite" !! 

Her beauty speaks for herself. 

SIZE: 3.3 x 1.8 meters

Beni Mguild Rugs

Known for their deep shades of indigo to create deep shades of blue and purple. Berbers use traditional dyes that are sourced from local vegetation or minerals, and some like Tyrian purple and rich reds from cochineal, from shells.

Beni Mguild are recognised for the colours not so much the symbols. The Red symbolizes strength and protection, blue symbolizes wisdom, yellow represents eternity and green is Peace.