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Sipping Tea with Soufiane Aissouni

Sipping Tea with Soufiane Aissouni

Moroccan inspired interiors are quickly finding their niche in the homes of many outside of the former French African colony. Patricia Amalm, fro...
Free Spirit

Free Spirit

GOOGLE SAYS - free spirit noun noun: free spirit; plural noun: free spirits an independent or uninhibited person synonyms: individualists, indiv...
Layers - more or less

Layers - more or less

Layering with Moroccan Textiles appeals to anyone who wants individual style, quality and more than a season’s worth of value. 

The cooler months are upon us and creating a home that exudes warmth requires thoughtful layering. A home that can respond to variations in temperature year long without losing a warm and welcoming feel requires deeper consideration about textures, fibres, colours and designs.

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The Moroccan Bungalow

beni ourain moroccan rug

Beni Ourain Rug

All Beni Ourain rugs share a signature geometric style. A classic, timeless design for any room. The lives of the weavers, fertility and natural events are represented in the dark brown lines and shapes you find on a white or cream background. 

Beni Ourain rugs embody warmth and luxury, perfect if you appreciate the natural world; they are considered the "king carpets", the most prestigious of Morocco, woven by hand from silk wool of high quality, each piece is unique in its kind. These luxurious carpets find their place in all interior decors.

These refined beauties are the perfect addition to make your home unique and the envy of your friends. 

Azilal Moroccan Rug

Azilal Rug

Handwoven by the Berber women of the Azilal region, high in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the Azilal rugs were for practical, domestic purposes. Each rug hints at the weaver and their tribe with their own story to tell. Usually hand knotted by women, they vary in colour from neutral tones to the bright diamond shapes from the Rabat region (pictured).  

Today, these beautiful rugs have grown in popularity, especially among interior designers and rug collectors for their richness of character and decorative flexibility.

Perfect for your floor to modernise your space or add some texture to your walls as a piece of art. 

Made from 100% pure sheep's wool.