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Our team in Morocco has meticulously handpicked and sourced the finest Berber rugs. Each MB Rug is a masterpiece created by the skilled Berber tribes of the High Atlas, holding within it the rich stories and cultural heritage of their tribe. We invite you to discover the enchanting beauty of our rugs and select one to adorn a cherished spot in your home. 

With love, Patricia Abdul and the team xxx


Moroccan Rugs


An Azilal rug is a type of traditional Moroccan rug that is handwoven by Berber women in the Azilal region of the Atlas Mountains. These rugs are known for their unique and abstract designs, which often feature geometric shapes and symbols, as well as bright and bold colors.

The rugs are made from high-quality wool that is sheared from local sheep and then hand-spun to create a soft and durable yarn. The wool is dyed using natural materials such as plants, berries, and minerals, which gives the rugs their vibrant and long-lasting colors.

Azilal rugs typically have a thick, shaggy pile that is both cozy and warm, making them ideal for use as floor coverings or as decorative wall hangings. Each rug is unique and reflects the weaver's individual style and artistic expression, making them highly sought after by collectors and interior designers alike.

Overall, Azilal rugs are a beautiful and authentic piece of Moroccan craftsmanship that adds warmth, texture, and character to any space.

Beni Ourain

A Beni Ourain rug is a type of traditional Moroccan rug that is hand-woven by the Berber people of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. These rugs are made from natural wool that is sourced from the local sheep and are characterized by their thick, shaggy pile and geometric designs.

Typically, Beni Ourain rugs are white or cream in color, although some may have dark brown or black designs. The designs on these rugs are usually simple and abstract, featuring diamonds, triangles, and other geometric shapes.

Beni Ourain rugs are known for their durability and longevity, as well as their softness and warmth. They are often used as floor coverings or as decorative pieces in homes and offices around the world.


A Boujaad rug is a type of Moroccan rug that is handwoven by the Berber tribespeople of the Boujaad region. These rugs are known for their distinctive patterns and color schemes, which often feature bold geometric shapes and bright, vibrant colors.

The wool used to create Boujaad rugs is typically sourced from local sheep, and is dyed using natural plant-based dyes. The wool is then spun by hand, and woven on a loom to create the finished rug.

One of the defining characteristics of Boujaad rugs is their thick, plush pile, which gives them a luxurious feel underfoot. The pile is often shaggy and uneven, adding to the rug's rustic, handmade appeal.

Boujaad rugs are highly sought after by collectors and decorators for their unique beauty and cultural significance. They make stunning statement pieces in a variety of interior design styles, from bohemian to mid-century modern.

Beni Mguild

The Beni Mguild Rug is a type of Moroccan rug that originates from the Beni Mguild tribe located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. These rugs are known for their unique design and vibrant colors, and are often used as decorative pieces in homes around the world.

Beni Mguild rugs are typically made of 100% wool and feature a thick, plush pile. They are hand-woven by women from the tribe using traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations. The design of the rug often features a diamond-shaped pattern with bold, contrasting colors such as red, orange, blue, and yellow. The colors used in the rug are often symbolic of the landscape and culture of the region.

The size of the rug can vary, but they are typically larger in size and are perfect for use as a statement piece in a living room or bedroom. Due to their high quality and unique design, Beni Mguild rugs can be quite expensive, but they are often considered to be a worthwhile investment due to their durability and beauty.