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Morocco is known for its Moroccan Rugs, unique textiles and fabrics - with their intricate designs and striking patterns. When the exotic charm, colours and beautiful craftsmanship of these designs took an undeniable hold on Patricia Amalm’s heart…and home…Moroccan Bungalow was born.

Each Moroccan region and tribe have their own signature carpet design and colour palette. With a passion and appreciation for its beauty, complexity and history, Patricia knows that each Moroccan Bungalow piece brings a unique slice of Morocco to you - with its own story for you to cherish for a lifetime.

Moroccan Bungalow brings you carefully sourced objects and textiles that are both modern and timeless in their artistic intrigue. We are always excited to deliver you textiles that are a vibrant kaleidoscope of art, history and culture.

Each Moroccan Bungalow piece is as complex and as simple as each of us - and as unique as you are.

You also buy from Moroccan Bungalow knowing that we are as passionate about the artistry as we are about the artists – fair trade matters, and we source and purchase as close to if not directly from the artisans themselves.

Patricia’s love affair continues with interior design that sits outside the conventional, creating spaces that very simply, make you happy. Through Moroccan Bungalow she brings you unique textiles and individual works that she hopes will ignite your heart and home.