Why Choose a Moroccan Rug

Why Choose a Moroccan Rug

Why you need a Moroccan Rug.

Moroccan rugs or Berber carpets, as they are also known, are enjoying a revival. It is clear to see why. They are amazing! But before you invest, and yes they are an investment, you might want a few more reasons as to why you need a Moroccan rug underneath your feet. 


  • Moroccan Rugs are Unique
  • Moroccan rugs are entwined with the Berber culture. Originally made to protect the tribespeople from the elements, they vary in design and pile length. Each symbol and motif is carefully chosen to represent the tribe and mood of the weaver. The rugs from the snow capped Atlas Mountains, like the Beni Ourain, have a long pile to protect against the harsh winters. Whilst the rugs from the tribes of the middle Atlas Mountains, like the Beni Mguild, have a flatter pile. Each rug reflects the stories of the tribe and individual skills and experiences of the Berber weaver. Being hand-woven, worked on throughout the year and woven by a few different Berber artisans, an authentic Moroccan rug has beautiful imperfections. No two rugs are the same. 

  • Moroccan Rugs are Sustainable

  • Unlike other commercially produced floor rugs, Moroccan rugs are not mass produced. Vintage Moroccan Rugs can be anywhere from 20 to 60 years old. Some are younger, some even older. When you buy a vintage rug, it already exists and has proven its durability. You prevent the rug from becoming discarded and ultimately landfill. You are being kind to the environment by not encouraging the creation of something new, often with environmentally damaging synthetic dyes and fibers. Berber weavers use wool from their flock of sheep, dye the wool using locally sourced, naturally occurring dyes and weave it by hand. Additionally, when you buy a Moroccan rug, you are preserving the Berber culture. You are encouraging Berber tribespeople to continue with their traditional way of life and pass on their culture to the next generation. 


  • Moroccan Rugs are Timeless
  • ‘New’, ‘On Trend’ and ‘latest styles’ are buzzwords to marketers. But with these marketing ploys comes the creation, use and, ultimately, the disposal of goods. Adding to a Moroccan rug’s sustainability, is the fact that Moroccan rugs are timeless. Proving their durability, your Moroccan rug will become one of the family. A Beni Ourain’s monochrome colour palette, for example, makes it the perfect rug for any room, for any season, for any generation. Outlasting all of the seasons’ colours, patterns and textures, you can see why a rug from the Berbers is indeed a worthwhile investment. 


  • Moroccan Rugs have a Size for you


    Moroccan Rugs come in a variety of sizes. Add some colour to a drab corridor with a hallway runner. Have a comfy place to stand, contemplate the meaning of life and do the dishes, all at the same time. Need a smaller rug for a kid’s bedroom?  One to bring warmth to the living room? A huge rug under the 12 seater table in the boardroom at work? Moroccan rugs come in all sizes to slide seamlessly into your decor. 


    Kyle and Kara's take 3 for the sea reno

  • Moroccan Rugs are Handmade 
  • Each Moroccan rug is handmade by Berber artisans. Each tribe has different motives, symbols, colours and designs that they incorporate into their rugs. This means you are buying a unique, handmade piece of art. Berber rug weavers use a technique that is essentially unchanged by the passage of time. For the Berbers, weaving a rug is a social and practical art that can take more than a year to complete. Each rug is honoured by the skills of its weavers who bestow upon it some beautiful imperfections. Some people may shy away from handmade pieces that celebrate imperfections. These imperfections do not change the integrity of the rug, rather they add to it. The quality of handmade Moroccan rugs is such that if you were to grab a handful of the fibers, you would be able to lift the heavy rug. Rest assured that when you invest in an authentic Berber rug you are buying quality that can only be attained through generations.



  • Moroccan Rugs are Versatile
  • It is not often you can claim versatility in a piece of soft furnishing. Moroccan rugs are firstly floor rugs to be felt by your feet and loved. They can be the hero of the room on their own. Or Moroccan rugs provide interest as they are layered over other floor coverings of varying weaves and colours. But if you are lucky enough to find an especially old vintage rug that is worn in all the right places, or one that is just too beautiful to be stood on, why not hang it on the wall! Moroccan rugs double as a literal piece of art. Berber carpets are equally at home adorning your wall or covering your floor.

    Photo by Matthieu Salvaing/OTTO
    Photo by Matthieu Salvaing/OTTO

  • Moroccan Rugs Tie a room together

  •  A Moroccan rug on your floor will instantly tie all the elements of your room together. 

    Add a point of interest to your dining room by placing a rug under the table. Add a splash of colour to your monochrome kitchen with a smaller, brightly coloured rug like a Boujaad. The shades of black and white in a Beni Ourain can tone down your bright sofa colour or your experimental feature wall. Equally, a brightly coloured eccentric Berber carpet can bring life to your lounge room.

  • Moroccan Rugs bring a Warmth
  • Originally designed to protect against the elements, Moroccan rugs are, in the literal sense, warm. But they also bring a warmth to your room as they hug your floor. Their texture and ability to be easily layered immediately add a sense of warmth to any room. Moroccan rugs also give your visitors something to crush over as they warm their toes on a hand knotted Berber carpet.


  • Moroccan Rugs are Durable
  • The fact that they are vintage and still existing at such high quality is testimony enough to their durability. Their natural materials of wool and plant based dyes also add to their longevity as they are untainted by chemical dyes and inferior synthetic fibers. Wool loves sun. The sun adds character, rather than damage to your woollen Moroccan rug. Berbers use these rugs daily in harsh environments. Berber rugs have been designed and handmade to withstand the elements and test of time. 

  • Moroccan Rugs are Works of Art
  • Berber rugs are a vibrant kaleidoscope of art, history and culture. Each symbol, pattern and color choice is deliberate to reflect the experiences of the weaver. Fertility, strength, and protection from evil are represented in the various symbols chosen by the weavers. Some rugs focus on one or two symbols repeated, whilst others seem to tell a story with every space displaying a different motif. These same concepts are mirrored through color choice. Ranging from monochrome, to muted tones, to bright eclectic explosions of colours Moroccan rug weavers give Fauvism a run for its money. The complexities of a Moroccan rug go far beyond its unique hand knotting technique. Moroccan rugs can truly be appreciated as a work of art to be proudly displayed on your wall or living room floor. 

    Image - the Socialite family Constance


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