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"Adilah" Moroccan Rug (Runner)
"Adilah" Moroccan Rug (Runner)
"Adilah" Moroccan Rug (Runner)

"Adilah" Moroccan Rug (Runner)

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"Adilah" - Boujaad Moroccan Rug (Runner)

Her name means Honest and Just, and that is what she is. Her condition is in "mint condition" her colours as true as when they were woven.

not just for a hallway  but perhaps a galley like kitchen?

SIZE :  .80 X 3.2 meters

Boujaad Rugs

Sourced from the region of Haouz, in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco, these rugs feature natural pink and orange  tones.

Using soft wool natural dyes the weaver would create geometric patterns and designs that comes to life, their imagination and vision reflects the mood of the weaver at time.

These Boujaad are becoming very popular, as the faded rugs tell us a story that has been passed down for us to create our own memories with.